Play Day May 2019



All throughout the night before Play Day, there was an intense thunderstorm, but miraculously – the next morning, the clouds dispersed and the sun came out just as the guests began to arrive! Friends from Italy, Rotary club, Switzerland, Bucharest, and the local community joined us for a day of games and fun. Several of the young adults that grew up with us and are now independent, also came to reunite with each other and their caregivers.

After lunch, we gathered at the Fountain of Hope Afterschool center to discuss the current needs and dreams both of AMURTEL Family and the afterschool.



And you haven’t heart the greatest news yet! AMURTEL Family graduates decided to become sponsors!
One of the most touching and inspiring moments was when Cristi, who grew up in the AMURT children’s home, boldly announced that he wanted to become a monthly sponsor. Soon Stefan, also a graduate of AMURTEL Family, now living and working in Bucharest on his own, announced that he too wanted to join. Elena, now working at a ski resort in Switzerland then signed up to donate towards getting a new carpet for the living room in the home. It was a big satisfaction to see them wanting to “pay-it-forward” and offer the same experiences they had as children to the new group.

You can contribute at any time to the well-being of the children at AMURTEL Family, by making a donation. You can donate directly through the button below.