Training in Persona Dolls Method in Bucharest


The “We All Have a Story”  project has moved into its second stage – offering training in using the Persona Doll Method to the teachers.  Persona dolls are not just classroom toys – but rather, an effective didactic tool for promoting inclusive attitudes. Teachers create a realistic biography the consciously includes aspects of diversity – perhaps the doll has a minority ethnic identity, or wears glasses, or is overweight. But beyond the physical characteristics, the doll shares common interests and problems with the children. The biography includes things like favorite colors, games, family history – and throughout the year the teacher can add details that reflect events happening in the personal lives of the children  – such as the birth of a sibling, or the death of a grandparent. 

In this way,  these issues can be discussed in a reassuring way without uncomfortably targeting a particular child. The dolls were made by an organization by single mothers in a program run by the organization “ASCIS”

The “We All Have a Story”  project aims  in particular to inoculate children against the formation of stereotypes and prejudices, and consists of offering diversity training to 100 kindergarten teachers and working with 37 kindergarten classes in Bucharest. It is a partnership between the Center Partnership for Equality, a gender equality organization, Romanobutiq, a Roma rights organization and AMURTEL. We bring our experience in inclusive Neohumanist education, as we have been integrating children with special needs alongside of typically developing children for more than 20 years.  Encouraging inclusive attitudes and an ecological attitude of interconnection are both fundamental aspects of our holistic Neohumanist Education approach.