Happiness is… the simple things


At AMURTEL Family, we encourage supporters to construct meaningful relationships with the children based on quality time spent together. Indeed, we want the children to learn to focus on the non-material pleasures of life.

The sponsors and volunteers of AMURTEL Family often discover that the simple things are what make a child happy – an encouraging card, making a painting together, playing football. We want to acknowledge their contribution and thank them for the time, warmth and friendship they gift to the children of Pănătău.

Mihaela, one of our sponsors, organized a surprise weekend trip for the little children of  AMURTEL Family. Alexandru, Gabi, Lorena, and Georgiana, together with Mihaela, spent a couple of fantastic days at her home in Vălenii de Munte. From Friday until Sunday, they visited the town, sampled all sorts of ice cream, had fun at the pool and rode bicycles in the park. After two days, they came back to Pănătău with stories and joy!


Jean, our French friend and sponsor, came to Pănătau to meet the children and spend some time with them. We went together on a relaxing mountain hike. Jean is taking part in our fundraising efforts, aiming to attract more French sponsors for the cause of the children at AMURTEL Family.

One of our sponsors donated an entire collection of children’s books! Such a tremendous joy for their curious minds! Thank you, Ovidiu RO!

You can also bring the same simple pleasures and smiles to the children by joining our next Play Day on September 28th. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with the children playing games together and sharing in their lives for a day.  

In the meantime, to support Familia AMURTEL in providing the children a safe home, good meals and help with their education and development, donate through the green button below.