Core programs


Familia AMURTEL – alternative residential care in Romania

Familia AMURTEL : Familia AMURTEL has been offering a loving, warm, creative and healing home to children whose parents were not able to take care of them since 1992....

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Vistara: Integration of young people leaving the care system

The children raised at the Familia AMURTEL project have grown up – and as a result, AMURTEL has also had to evolve and develop strategies to assist our young...

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The Fountain of Hope After-school Center for children in Romania

The Fountain of Hope offers nutritious hot vegetarian meals, homework support and creative educational enrichment through the arts, sports and non-formal learning. LEARNING IS FUN! Its aim is to...

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Sunrise Kindergarten Neohumanist Education in Bucharest

 Goals of Neohumanist Education: To create an inclusive, loving, creative atmosphere that integrates children with special needs alongside of their typically developing peers. To develop a holistic model of  early childhood education...

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Morningstar Holistic Center

A HOLISTIC CENTER TO NOURISH OUR WELL-BEING One of AMURTEL’s unique specialities is its focus on personal development – both of the those offering services, and those receiving. We...

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Rural development: fair partnerships with urban consumers

AMURTEL’s organic garden in Poieni is in the process of developing a new model of agricultural enterprise based on the “Community Supported Agriculture” system. In the local area, many small farmers have...

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