Unity in Diversity! We actively encourage and celebrate diversity while helping those we work with to discover their full potential and abilities.


8th of april 2016 – International Roma Day

AMURT Romania together with partners  AMURTEL Romania  and  The Pro European Network from Bulgaria implemented the project “You too Participate” during a two year period, from October 2014- April 2016 “Participa si...

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AMURTEL's 20th anniversary album

Familia AMURTEL’s 20 year journey in photos

See the children from Familia AMURTEL growing up before your eyes!  This collage of memories from the past 20 years was shown during AMURTEL Romania’s 20th anniversary party. During...

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Fountain of Hope’s 8th Year!

This October, the Fountain of Hope opened its doors for a new school year!  The project has been flourishing under the inspired leadership of Larisa Bratucu.  In 2015 she...

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Masa rotunda Panatau

Round table in Panatau

On October, 2015 AMURTEL organized a round table discussion with public authorities from the local council, the Department of Child Protection and our own representatives on the theme of  Sub-contracting...

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Birthday cake --- Image by © Kate Kunz/Corbis

20 years dedicated to the Romanian children

This Saturday, Familia AMURTEL has celebrated 20 years of care and dedication to children of Romania It has been 20 years since the children from Familia AMURTEL have started a new...

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Familia AMURTEL – alternative residential care in Romania

Familia AMURTEL : Familia AMURTEL has been offering a loving, warm, creative and healing home to children whose parents were not able to take care of them since 1992....

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Vistara: Integration of young people leaving the care system

The children raised at the Familia AMURTEL project have grown up – and as a result, AMURTEL has also had to evolve and develop strategies to assist our young...

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fountain of hope evs

New school year, fresh energy! The children are back!

  This month, the children returned to the Fountain of Hope – and as last year, again  in high numbers! This year there are 62 children enrolled so far...

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Education for work integration of disadvantaged people

 The main goal of this project focused on selecting the organizations from each country, active în formal or non-formal education of adults. Another important characteristic of this project is...

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Partner in “The Management of Work Integration”

The project called The Management of Integration in the Work Field has been implemented in Romania by CDD during the years 2012 – 2014, together with other transnational partners:...

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