Social Economy

We believe in empowering local communities by creating jobs that solve social problems and promote economic democracy.


Open Day at the AMURTEL Bio Garden with 70 guests!

In October, the AMURTEL Bio Garden welcomed  about 70 guests for an “Open Day” event at the farm.  The event was part of the “Biohrana for All” project,  financed the...

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Open Day at the AMURTEL Bio Garden

AMURTEL Bio Garden invites you to an Open House program on Sunday, 9 Octomber 2016 between 11:30-16:30 in Poieni, Buzau County. AMURTEL Bio Garden is a social enterprise that...

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cosul de legume

Bio-food for all

Friendship Association (Asociatia “Prietenia”)  lanseaza proiectul “Biohrana Pentru Toti – BPT” Asociaţia “Prietenia”, în parteneriat cu Asociaţia AMURTEL România si Asociaţia Sonnhalde Gempen, Elvetia anunţă debutul proiectului social de...

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Unicredit prize AMURTEL

AMURTEL’s Bio Garden awarded by UniCredit

On September 8, 2015,  the AMURTEL Bio Garden was awarded the first place prize in the UniCredit “Your Choice” competition, which was organized  through NESST, an important incubator of...

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Morningstar Holistic Center – a social enterprise promoting well-being

The Morningstar Holistic Center was first conceived during the NESST competition in 2012 and further developed during a course on management of social enterprises held by FDSC.  At that point the...

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AMURTEL’s kindergarten – a successful social enterprise

AMURTEL opened the first “Gradinita Rasarit” in 1992 in the north of Bucharest, and later in 1995, it opened a second one in the Mihai Bravu neighborhood. The kindergarten’s...

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Morningstar Holistic Center

A HOLISTIC CENTER TO NOURISH OUR WELL-BEING One of AMURTEL’s unique specialities is its focus on personal development – both of the those offering services, and those receiving. We...

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Rural development: fair partnerships with urban consumers

AMURTEL’s organic garden in Poieni is in the process of developing a new model of agricultural enterprise based on the “Community Supported Agriculture” system. In the local area, many small farmers have...

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Education for work integration of disadvantaged people

 The main goal of this project focused on selecting the organizations from each country, active în formal or non-formal education of adults. Another important characteristic of this project is...

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Community Supported Agriculture budding in Poieni!

This summer, AMURTEL Romania started up a Community Supported Agriculture project at our farm in Poieni, near to our Panatau projects in the rural countryside of Buzau county. The...

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