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Become a sponsor

Every child deserves a stable, loving home – but unfortunately, not all families are able to provide this safety.  There are only painful reasons why children are not able to grow up in their own families.

But you can make an important, healing difference for a Romanian child by becoming a sponsor of Familia AMURTEL where we help such children to flourish and grow in our creative, healing, loving environment.

Making the committment to become sponsor for a child is key to providing a stable home and access to the high quality, loving care that we offer.

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A welcome package, to help you to get to know the child you are adopting
  • Monthly updates from AMURTEL when we receive your donation
  • A holiday greeting with a recent photo of the child and update  (you can choose paperless or printed)
  • The opportunity to send birthday gifts and messages
  • Sponsors are also invited to visit the home if it is feasible for them!

How to do it

Setting up a regular donation is easy.  Choose an amount that is comfortable for you to donate monthly. We suggest a minimum of $30 per month though we have sponsors that are able to give 50, 100 or who prefer to donate annual amounts. and it will be automatically withdrawn from your paypal or credit/ debit card account.

Click here to donate monthly Click here to make a yearly donation

Background about the situation in Romania:

In Romania there are still high rates of children that are abandoned every year, and the adoption and foster care system is not yet well enough developed to meet this need. The latest statistics from 2013 reported 22,124 children in the residential care system.

In addition, there are situations of neglect and abuse that are accentuated by high rate of poverty especially in rural areas. Nearly 30% of the population is affected by severe deprivation and 48.5% of all Romanian children are living below the poverty line.  It is the second poorest country in the EU.

The statistics have slowly and steadily shown improvements since the fall of Communism in 1990. However, social services are still extremely inadequately funded by the state.  Although about half of the social services in Romania are provided by NGOs, the amount of public funding they receive is less than 9%.

Why your help is so important

This is why individual support through donations is still so important for us.  The funding for the Familia AMURTEL project has been primarily through sponsorship programs, and thanks to the dedication of our family of sponsors from Romania and around the world, we have been able maintain the home for so many years.

How many children do we care for

In total more than 25 children have had the opportunity to be cared for in our home.  Already, several of the children have grown up and are successfully leading stable adult lives. Some are married and two even have children already.  Our sponsors often continue to stay involved even after they grow up as it can be difficult for young adults without family support to survive independently with the high costs of living and low salaries in Romania.

Currently there are 9 children living in the home. We also continue to care for 2 adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our speciality

Some of the specialities of our home are:

  • We choose to keep the number of children low, so that they receive lots of individual care and attention. In addition to our three main keyworkers, we also have a  psychologist, social worker, secretary, tutor, cook, driver, cleaner and extra night shift and weekend support.
  • The women working with us have been extensively trained in our Neohumanist approach to caregiving and have worked with us for many years, which provides continuity and stability.
  • The children receive a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet and live in a beautiful, natural, rural environment so they spend lots of time outdoors in the fresh mountain air.
  • We also help each child to discover and express a special talent. In our experience, the arts and sports are very therapeutic and help increase self-esteem.

 The need for small family style homes like our continues to be an important alternative within the child protection system. 

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